Partners and network

Along with its other objectives the Energy and Enviroment Partnership Programme in Southern and East Africa (EEP S&EA) is a network that creates access to the Project Developers to come together. EEP S&EA provides information for current projects as well as shares stories and experiences of successful projects.

The EEP is very relevant in relation to national and regional policy (Mid-term evaluation 2015)

One of the EEP S&EA outcomes is to be an active regional partner in generating renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE/EE) knowledge and evidence, sharing the experiences and informing regional RE/EE policies. In addition to portfolio management and dissemination of the project results, EEP S&EA is actively taking part in relevant RE/EE events worldwide, giving an input to policy discussions and sector development.

EEP S&EA  Knowledge Exchange Forum

An annually organized EEP S&EA Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) focuses on connecting networks between actors in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, and moreover between the EEP current and potential project developers and national contacts. One of the main targets of the Forum is to share valuable lessons learnt between the participants. KEF is an open Forum for all interested.

First KEF was held in Johannesburg 29th October 2014 >>

Second KEF was held in Dar Es Salaam, December 2015>>

Third KEF was held in Windhoek, 2nd June 2016>>

Fourth KEF was held in Nairobi, 20th September 2016>>

Fifth KEF was held in Lusaka, 11th April 2017 >>

EEP Partners

The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC) are members of the Supervisory Board, which has the overall oversight of the Programme.

Visit the website:

The Southern Africa Development Community >>

The East African Community >>

Our events page shows more information on the upcoming renewable energy  events where EEP S&EA will be present.