EEP Business Development Support

One aim of the EEP Programme is that Project Developers become successful in starting and managing RE/EE businesses, raising and leveraging finance, and managing project implementation. EEP supports the Project Developers through a variety of Business Development Support (BDS) services.

The key BDS services are presented below. EEP Project Developers, who are interested in learning more about any of the BDS services presented below can contact ECO.

Innovative Business Model

The EEP portfolio consists of a wide range of projects in different sectors. The lessons that can be learned from this wealth of knowledge can prove to be immeasurable for the entire RE/EE sector. Consequently, EEP together with Project Developers is highlighting Innovative Business Models from the portfolio. The Innovative Business Model provides a detailed look into the operations of a Project Developer and serves as a communication tool of the Project Developer. In addition, the IBM is able to share information that can be utilized in different sectors and geographical areas. The IBMs are designed as booklets that are easy to print and distribute at events and they are also published on the EEP website. Please see examples of previous IBMs here.


Infographics focus on providing a concise presentation on the background, achievements and future prospects of the EEP supported project and Project Developer. The Infographics are developed together with EEP and the Project Developer, and can be used for example as promotional material targeted to potential investors. The Infographics illustrate the narrative of the project and the company in a way that is easy to understand and communicate. The Infographics is provided for Project Developer’s own use, and it is up to the Project Developer whether it will be published through EEP’s communication channels.

Please see examples of previous EEP Infographics designed for SimGas and Vitalite

Investor Forum

EEP organises annually an Investor Forum for EEP funded Project Developers. The aim of the Investor Forum is to support the Project Developers in obtaining follow-on financing for their operations and scale-up. The matchmaking event gathers together a range of investors from impact investors to purely private investors. The EEP Investor Forum has been thanked for the diverse range of investors, the quality of projects and opening doors for more detailed discussions. Please see further information on the latest Investor Forum here.

“It would be impossible to meet these people all in one place without the event – this is a huge benefit.” – Project Developer.

“The event was highly informative and a great way to connect with many potential (and existing) partners in one room!”  – Investor–

Post-EEP Funding Strategy

Access to finance is key barrier for many Project Developers in the RE/EE sector. EEP supports Project Developers in developing their funding strategies and planning their next steps in search for additional financing. The BDS services aim to identify what is the current status of the Project Developers funding strategy (if any), how it could be developed, and who should be the target investors. Post-EEP funding strategies are provided for Project Developers’ own use, and not shared with other parties. Please contact ECO for further information.  

Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessments provide an opportunity for the Project Developers to obtain an external review of the key processes in their organization and to identify areas for further development. The assessments focus on financial administration, budgeting, procurement and risk management process, but are tailored based on the need, level and operations of the Project Developer. The feedback indicates that through the Capacity Assessment process the Project Developers have been able to identify their strengths and opportunities for future improvements. If interested, please contact ECO.

Exchange visits between project developers

EEP facilitates, encourages and supports interaction and exchange visits among Project Developers, particularly those in the same sector and markets. EEP shares contact details, organises meetings and facilitates discussions with Project Developers and other stakeholders, with the permission from the Project Developers. To facilitate exchange of information and share lessons from the success of Project Developers, EEP also regularly publishes success stories and challenge stories on the EEP website. In addition, EEP can assist in linking Project Developers with financing institutions – and financing institutions to successful EEP Project Developers.

Project videos

EEP supports Project Developers by producing  videos of the EEP supported projects. The videos provide a visualization of the achievements and work by the Project Developers. The videos can be used to increase the visibility of the project and thus support the Project Developer in marketing and raising interest from potential investors and wider public. Videos will also be shared through EEP social media channels for further outreach. Please see an example of EEP produced project video here.

EEP Project of the Year

Annually EEP awards the EEP Project of the Year for an exceptionally successful project. The recognition is communicated widely and provides an opportunity for the Project Developer to obtain visibility and new contacts. In addition, the award is connected with a possibility to visit the African Utility Week (expenses paid) and to present the project at the conference for a targeted audience. Please look out for the newsletter and social media channels to receive updates on the announcement of the next EEP Project of the Year competition. Read the story of our previous winner here.