Answers to Frequent Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequent questions related to the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme.

Q; What is the Energy and Environment Partnership  Programme S&EA?

A; The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Programme in Southern and East Africa  is an initiative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland MFA) and Austrian Government, with the aim to serve the energy needs of the participating African countries. The initative is focused on fast-tracking renewable energy projects, with simple yet innovative solutions to alleviate energy poverty in this Region. The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme was launched during the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002.

Q; Why Africa?

A; The Ministry for the Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) embarked on a fact finding mission to assess the level of access to energy in Africa and found that it is the lowest in the world. More than 75 percent of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa and more than 90 percent in rural areas do not have access to electricity. Many challenges around development is the lack of access to infrastructure and essential services such as access to sustainable energy. The reason stated for this deficit is the overly-sophisticated interventions involved in the renewable energy sector. Despite the inefficiencies, and lack of technical capability to harness renewable energy, most impoverished countries in Africa have not passably attempted to harness the potential of available renewable energy sources, for example solar energy.

Q; How does the Partnership support projects ?

A; The Partnership contributes to projects with Non Refundable Funds, for Pilot Projects or Studies.

Q; Which is the main objective of the  Programme?

A;  The overall objective of the Energy and Environment Partnership with Southern and East Africa is to enable an increased access to modern, affordable and reliable energy services through an increased usage of renewable energy technologies.

Q; Which one are the main selection criteria for projects ?

A; Replicability, productive uses, answer to national energy strategy, sustainability and social benefit in rural areas.

Q; Does the Partnership require local counterpart ?

A; Yes, it’s necessary to get a counterpart in kind or cash from the project developer.

Q; How many projects Energy and Environment Partnership Programme has been funding ?

A; By October 2013, The Programme has received more than 1 000 concept notes out of which 113 projects have been selected for funding to date.

Q; Which are the kind of technologies to be considerate by the Energy and Environment Partnership?

A; Photovoltaic Solar System, small hydroelectric power plants, wind and geothermal systems; and bioenergy resources.

Q; How is funding for the Energy and Environment Partnership Programme?

A; The EEP S&EA Programme is funded by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs of Finland (lead donor), UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

Q; How to apply?

A; See  section  “How to apply” Click here >>

Q; What can I do if my question is not any of the previous ones?

A; If your question is not listed in the previous ones, you could go to the contact us area and make your question by there.