EEP publications provide interesting reads to project developers and RE/EE professionals

As part of its knowledge sharing and production, EEP S&EA has been active in generating publications on a variety of topics related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as more specifically on EEP portfolio and innovative individual projects.

EEP S&EA In-depth studies and Technical and Policy Briefs document evidence and knowledge generated by the EEP S&EA Programme. These publications are used for information sharing and knowledge dissemination as well as for supporting decision makers in understanding technical background and policy requirements regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The first In-Depth Study focused on Solar PV Business Models in East Africa and the second one covered Energy Efficiency  within the EEP S&EA portfolio. A new In-Depth Study on Gender Aspects of EEP S&EA will be published soon, highlighting the importance of women’s role in the energy value chains within the EEP portfolio.

After the first EEP Technical Brief on Energy Efficiency, three other Technical Briefs were produced with more detailed emphasis on energy efficiency issues related to Solar PV, Cookstoves and Buildings.

The series of Innovative Business Models highlights successful business models created by EEP project developers. It aims to share lessons learned and provide innovative ideas to RE/EE sector which could be replicated or applied to other renewable energy sectors. The IBM’s published so far introduce key innovations in the payment model of cookstoves, an entrepreneur model targeting the very poor customer segments with LED-lights, a turn-key service model in boiler/furnace conversion and a breakthrough technology combining clean cooking with device charging.

All these publications are available and downloadable on the EEP S&EA website. In addition an extensive collection of success stories and lessons learned from individual EEP projects across the region can be accessed through the website.