Next funding window will be open during August – September 2014

Warmest thanks for all shown interest towards the EEP S&EA seventh and eight Call for proposals. ECO will be contacting all applicants regarding the results of the two Calls. The next funding opportunity for both Innovation (window 1 ) and Market creation (window 2) will be opened during August – September 2014. Please follow our […]


CFP8 frequently asked questions and answers

This is an summary of the most frequently asked questions of the CFP8 concept note stage which is from May 21st to July 16th 2014.   Q: Does the Audited financial report need to be provided in Euros? A: No, Audited financial report can be in local currency.   Q: Can we submit unaudited financial […]


CFP7 was closed June 13th, 2014

Call for proposal seven application period was closed June 13th, 2014 at 13h00 (South African time, GMT+2). CFP7  received close to 130 concept note application. ECO team wants to thank all of the organizations who applied for the fund. The concept notes screening is now under evaluation team’s work. The CFP8 –  Market Creation, remains open. The […]