EEP In-Depth Study on Solar PV business models

EEP S&EA has carried out a study analyzing and synthesizing experiences from different solar PV business models in the EEP funded projects in southern and east Africa. The key findings of the study focus on the suitability of the business models to different market segments, creation of employment opportunities as well as the role of public-private partnerships’ in implementing solar PV business models. Finally, the study presents the specific areas where financial support could be targeted in support of the solar PV sector. The Solar PV in-depth study is the second in-depth study published by the EEP S&EA.

Read the full In-Depth Study about solar PV business models here >>

A policy brief on the solar PV business models, produced by EEP ECO, was also published in the latest issue of ESI-Africa magazine, which is available here>>

EEP In-Depth Study on Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a concept that affects all systems that produce, transmit, store or consume energy and it has been called as one of the world’s greatest future ‘sources’ of energy. The EEP S&EA has published an In-Depth Study on Energy Efficiency. This report highlights energy efficiency issues relating to different technologies applied in the projects supported by EEP. A closer look will be taken at four specific areas within the EEP S&EA portfolio, which are significantly impacted by energy efficiency: clean cookstoves, lighting technology, building sector and solar PV projects. The Energy Efficiency In-Depth Study is the first in a series of In-Depth studies that will be published by EEP S&EA.

Learn more about energy efficiency issues and read the full In-Depth Study here>>

The Energy Efficiency In-Depth Study is supported by a number of separate Technical Briefs presenting a broad overview of energy efficiency principles which affect the key areas of energy systems within the portfolio. These technical briefs provide introductions to some of the key concepts relating to energy efficiency in the EEP projects, and enhance the understanding of the energy efficiency’s technical background.  The first brief addresses the different aspects of energy efficiency on a more general level and the second one highlights the importance of technology choices and practical considerations for improving the total efficiency of solar PV systems.

Read the Technical Briefs here>>