The Proof Is In The Cooking – study on innovative business model

Inyenyeri is a for-profit renewable energy company, whose mission is to break the cycle of energy poverty, through the provision of a fuel and Fan Gasifying Cook Stove solution, which can be sustainably scaled to serve more than 2 million Rwandan households.

The Innovative Business Model by Inyenyeri is closely followed by other pellet producers in Southern and East Africa. As many pellet producers are struggling with the demand side of the business the Inyenyeri Business Model could be the solution that creates the demand. If Inyenyeri succeeds in growing their business according to their plans to provide for over 25,000 households by early 2018 and returning strong profits, this could turn out to be an ground-breaking model for the pellet market.

Read the EEP publication The Proof Is In The Cooking to learn about the innovative business model>>


EEP Projects winning at the East Africa Power Industry Awards

During the recent East Africa Power Industry Convention (EAPIC) in Nairobi the EEP programme was present with a double exhibition booth showcasing the programme itself and three of our projects: BURN energy efficient stove manufacturer, the Solar E-cycles project and the Light up Africa project.

During a session at one of the technical workshops another five EEP projects were showcased.

At the East Africa Power Industry Awards ceremony three EEP supported projects / project developers did win a prestigious industry award.


In the following categories EEP supported projects were awarded and shortlisted:

Community Development Project of the Year
Winner: Africa Biogas Partnership Programme with EEP project SNV Netherlands (REG7107)
Shortlisted EEP projects: CEFA Tanzania (TAN9043) & ECO Fuel (UGA8019)

Outstanding clean power project (under 5MW)
Winner: Mobisol (TAN4021)

Future Energy Leader award
Winner: Faith Chege, Barefoot Power (KEN8059)
Shortlisted EEP project developer: Sanga Moses, Eco Fuel Africa (UGA8019)


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EEP’s fourth Knowledge Exchange Forum great success!

On Tuesday the 20th of September the EEP programme organised its fourth Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF) in Nairobi.

As part of the knowledge management component of EEP the concept of “Knowledge Exchange Forums” has been developed. In these KEFs we intend to bring together EEP funded projects and other stakeholders in the sector. Earlier KEFs were held in Johannesburg (2014), Dar es Salaam (2015) and Windhoek (June 2016).

Even before the start of the event it was poised to become a great success with registrations surpassing even our most optimistic expectations. Interest in the event was so great that we were forced to close registration early as the capacity of the venue was reached.

With a full house on Tuesday the 20th of September, the EEP Knowledge Exchange Forum brought together around 120 stakeholders in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector in East Africa, half of whom were representing EEP grantees.


The programme included a mix of formal presentations, panel discussions and group / round table discussions. Furthermore, a session was included in which participants were able to engage with other support mechanisms that could potentially assist in upscaling EEP funded projects.

During the KEF three projects shortlisted for the “EEP project of the year award” made presentations on their respective nomination. By the end of the forum, the iSmart project was announced as the winner of this award (see separate story).

The EEP team is currently working on a detailed report on the event that will posted to our website shortly.

During the day, various presentations were given and they are now available below:




EEP Project of the year 2016 winner announcement

Photo: iSmart Kenya

Photo: iSmart Kenya

During the recent Knowledge Exchange Forum, the Energy & Environment Partnership programme (EEP) selected the winner for the ”EEP project of the year award”.

All ongoing or completed EEF funded projects were eligible to submit a nomination for this award. In total 16 applications were received for the award, of which three were shortlisted.

All three shortlisted projects were asked to present their project and nomination at the Knowledge Exchange Forum that took place on the 20th of September in Nairobi. The three shortlisted projects were Burn manufacturers (producing clean Jikokoa stoves), iSmart (selling cook stoves in peri urabn and rural areas of Kenya) and Redavia (Rental Solar Power for Food Processing in Tanzania).

All three projects provided excellent presentations on their EEP supported activities and with that the job of the selection committee became quite difficult. Eventually,

The EEP project of the Year title was awarded to the iSmart Kenya.

EEP Project director Wim Jonker-Klunne and Claire Baker from iSmart Kenya receiving the Project of the Year award

EEP Project director Wim Jonker-Klunne and Claire Baker from iSmart Kenya receiving the Project of the Year award

iSmart has been implementing an EEP funded project that supports the sales of improved cookstoves in peri urban and rural areas of Kenya. The project completed its EEP supported activities ahead of schedule and exceeded its targets, providing training and employment for 233 women and youth, and completing sales of 5,273 cookstoves. iSmart focuses on employment of disadvantaged women and youth, and through sales of clean cookstoves that not only positively affect the lives of both the customers and the sales agents economically but also bring health and environmental benefits. The project has created a clear development impact and has proven a successful business model in a challenging environment.

Congratulations to the iSmart team for this excellent performance and for winning the EEP Project of the Year Award. Next to the recognition that comes with winner the award, the project will be offered a speaking slot at the African Utility Week in Cape Town in May 2017 with the EEP programme proving travel and accommodation for one representative of iSmart to travel to Cape Town for this.

The EEP wants to thank all projects that entered the Project of the Year completion for their time and efforts in doing so. We specifically thank the three shortlisted projects to present their nomination at short notice at our KEF.

Read more about iSmart here>>

IEA: Global energy investment down 8% in 2015 with flows signalling move towards cleaner energy

A newly released report by the International Energy Agency EIA shows that global energy investment fell by 8% in 2015, with a drop in oil and gas upstream spending outweighing continued robust investment in renewables, electricity networks and energy efficiency.

The report provides a comprehensive insight to the investments in the energy sector, across fuels, technologies and countries. The analysis reveal that the energy sector is undergoing extensive a reorientation toward low-carbon energy and efficiency.  The government policies play a significant role in the energy transition.

While the report shows promising signs toward the clean energy investment on a global scale, it warns that “investment in key clean energy technologies needs to be further ramped up to put the world economy on track for climate stabilisation”.

Read the full article here>>


SunCulture Kenya is one of the 15 finalist of the Ocean Exchange innovation award

Women working SunCulture Kenya (photo credits: SunCulture)

Women working, SunCulture Kenya (photo credits: SunCulture)

EEP funded project by SunCulture Kenya is one of the 15 finalists to compete for the innovation award

The sixth annual Ocean Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia, will feature fifteen worldwide solutions with the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources and the production of waste. The innovators will present the solutions and compete for one of two $100,000 awards
from worldwide sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).

This year’s Solutions Inspiring Action are from five different countries, including an EEP supported project SunCulture Kenya. The project is creating a solar powered irrigation system for smallholder farmers to grow high value fruits and vegetables, enabling impactful increases in family income. Read more about the project here>>

The finalists are:
  • Atom Switch Solid State Circuit Breakers by Atom Power: USA (NC)
    Solid-state circuit breaker technology with benefits of safety, dynamic response, control, metering & energy savings in stationary and marine applications.
  • Carbon-Capturing Lightweight Hybrid Composites by RRTC: USA (NJ)
    Carbon-sequestering lightweight hybrid composite material for structural components in land, air, and water transportation.
  • CorPower Ocean: Sweden: Wave Energy Converter (WEC) for cost effective electricity generation, inspired by pumping principles of the human heart.
  • Greening the Coastal Deserts by Atmocean: USA (NM)
    Zero electricity reverse osmosis desalination system powered by renewable wave energy to establish new cropland using drip irrigation of desalinated water.
  • HTC BioProcessor: Sweden
    Cost effective sludge handling system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants that transforms remaining sludge into renewable, solid, bio-coal fuel.
  • HySiLabs: France
    Unique safe, stable liquid hydrogen fuel, which provides a usage experience similar to current liquid fuels, allowing a smooth transition from fossil to alternative fuels.
  • Q.Rad by Qarnot Computing: France
    A smart, digitally connected heater, the first to use embedded microprocessors as a heat source for use in homes, public buildings, and offices.
  • SAROS Desalination by Eco-H2O Innovations: USA (NC)
    A buoy that converts seawater to drinking water without electricity, using renewable wave energy to power pumps for reverse osmosis.
  • SolarVIA™ by 510Nano: USA (NC)
    Photovoltaic technology to generate solar energy at lower per unit costs by increasing production using off the shelf mounting systems.
  • Solvatten: Sweden
    A combined portable water treatment system and solar water heater for household use in the developing world for safe drinking water, cooking, and hygiene.
  • StingRAY Wave Power by Columbia Power Technologies: USA (VA)
    Cost effective and reliable wave energy system to generate electric power for utilityscale grids.
  • Sun Buckets: USA (IL)
    Cooking device that uses solar energy to help the impoverished cook without the use of biomass-based fuel, open flame, or emissions.
  • SunCulture: Kenya  Solar powered irrigation system for smallholder farmers in the developing world to grow high value fruits and vegetables, enabling impactful increases in family income.
  • Turbulent Hydro by Turbulent: Belgium
    New hydropower technology inspired by the natural shape of a vortex, to provide smart decentralized energy production in a turnkey system with standard components.

Read more>>

Knowledge Exchange Forum – registration has been closed

Fourth Knowledge Exchange Forum (KEF)

Nairobi // Tuesday 20 September // the Hilton hotel at 08:00 am 

Due to unexpected high number of registrations, we have exceeded the venue capacity and the registration have been closed. Thank you for all who registered and we look forward to meet you in Nairobi! 

About the event

The KEF concept has been developed by EEP as a main tool in sharing knowledge and experiences between EEP project developers and other stakeholders in the industry.

The positive feedback we received on our earlier KEFs in Johannesburg (2014), Dar-es-Salaam (December 2015) and Windhoek (June 2016) enables us to present you an event that is specifically geared towards EEP project developers. It will see a combination of presentations on the current status of (renewable) energy in the region, options and possibilities for support to your respective projects, announcement of the EEP Project of the Year Award 2016 and of course ample opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other and to network.

Read the Agenda of the forum here:

KEF Nairobi September 2016-programme


The two days following the KEF, the East Africa Power Industry Convention (EAPIC) will take place next door at the KICC on 21 & 22 September. This will offer you the opportunity to participate in our KEF and the following day attend the opening address of the EAPIC and visit the associated exhibition and technical workshops. For those of you that are able to stay the two additional days, you can also participate at the EAPIC conference. The opening addresses, technical workshops and exhibition of EAPIC are free of charge to attend.

Details on the event can be found at



ARE Newsletter: Clean Energy Innovative Business Models

Learn more about sustainable business models for off-grid projects in East and Southern African region. Read the ARE (the Alliance for Rural Electrification)’s latest newsletter where the EEP Programme is also featured:

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