Tanzania approves its first Wind Farm Project with EEP support

Windlab Limited and its local subsidiary Windlab Developments Tanzania Ltd has been awarded an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Certificate for the construction of the Miombo Hewani Wind Farm and Transmission line project, located in Southern Central Tanzania. Miombo Hewani has been approved for up to 300MW of capacity.

 Windlab’s ESIA certificate is the first one issued for a wind farm in Tanzania. Once operational, the wind farm will provide electricity for over one million Tanzanians over the minimum of 25 years of operation.  The wind farm will be built in phases; the first phase of the project is expected to be around 100MW and include up to 34 wind turbines as well as electrical infrastructure connecting the wind farm to national electricity grid at the Makambako substations. The first phase alone will bring up to US$300M of investment to the country. 

EEP Africa supported Windlab’s project from 2015 until 2017. The grant was aimed to carry out a complete feasibility study for the wind farm, allowing it to move to a bankable position over its course. In addition, EEP provided business development support to the project by selecting Windlab to participate in the EEP Investor Forum and by sharing lessons from the project on the EEP website.

EEP is delighted by the groundbreaking news about the successful completion and outcome of the feasibility study. The project is a breakthrough and will have a significant impact on the entire energy sector in Tanzania. The process to obtain the certificate was challenging due to many external factors and changes in the government regulations. Windlab has been working continuously on the project for the past three years in Tanzania. The project has required an immense amount of commitment, wide range expertise and persistence to achieve the current stage.  


EEP team spreading the word on CfP 14 in Nairobi and Lusaka events

EEP Africa hosted a Question and Answers session on the 14th Call for Proposals (CfP14) for over 30 people at the EEP regional hub office in Nairobi on Tuesday 12 June. The event was kicked off with the EEP CfP14 video and followed by an interactive questions and answers on the EEP Africa Innovation window. A lot of interesting questions were made by interested project developers and hopefully all questions were answered. You can check the FAQs of the call on the website for more information or reach out to the EEP team through cfp@eepafrica.org

In Lusaka, EEP joined the two-day Zambia Off-Grid Investor Forum organized by Alliance for Rural Electrification and GOGLA, and supported by RECP. On Wednesday 12 June, EEP Head of Portfolio and Finance participated in a panel discussing financing for off-grid solutions and was able to share information about the open CfP14 to the conference audience consisting of local and regional project developers as well as investors and other sector players. EEP also shared experiences on off-grid projects in the region focusing on the importance of developing successful business models and on the current critical barriers of the sector.

The project developers participating in the forum were highly interested in the open CfP14. During the two days EEP held one-on-one discussions with countless project developers and answered questions on eligibility and application procedures. Many projects had already started their application process and wanted to ask details on the process going forward.

EEP wants to thank all project developers for their interest in both events. We are looking forward to receiving high quality applications from Kenya and Zambia. A big thank you to the organisers of Zambia Off-Gird Investor Forum who created a successful event that provided relevant information about the Zambian off-grid market that is developing rapidly at the moment.

The interest for CfP14 has been significant and the EEP team is doing its best to answer all questions.  We encourage all interested project developers to visit CfP14 page to learn more about the call for proposals and application procedures. Please read the application guidelines and other relevant documents carefully before you apply to make sure you qualify.Interested applicants have until June 28 at 13h Helsinki time to submit proposals.