ADPP Mozambique

Introduce and Promote a Biogas System to Provide Alternative Gas and Energy to Institutions in Rural Areas of Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique.

The objective of the project was to introduce and promote a biogas system to provide alternative gas and energy to institutions in rural areas of Cabo Delgado Province. Within this project, 2 types of prototypes of biogas units were developed and installed in 4 institutions: Four 6m3 biogas units to produce gas for cooking (3) and electricity (1) was installed at the EPF (Teacher Training school), the Agricultural School, the health clinic in Bilibiza and the BBC (Bilibiza Biofuel Centre). One bigger 60m3 biogas unit was installed at the EPF (Teachers Training School) in Bilibiza for cooking purposes.


Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 158 879

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 126 001




Pilot project

Project Period

2011 - 2012