EkoRent Africa

NopeaRide Solar Hub

This project aims to develop a solar-powered charging station in Nairobi for the electric vehicle (EV) taxi service NopeaRide. The new solar hub will consist of an EV parking and battery charging area, with 160 kWp solar PV panels on the roof. The clean energy produced has the potential to power up to 1.4 million kilometres with lower operating expenses, enabling EkoRent to increase the number of NopeaRide drivers and expand its serving radius. Excess electricity from the hub is expected to be traded to a local offtaker. EEP Africa financing will support a pilot solar charging station and allow EkoRent to determine the precise technology and strategy for larger scale roll out across East Africa.


Outcome and Impact

The solar charging station will make the NopeaRide service even more clean, affordable and sustainable. By generating 208 MWh/year of renewable power for electric cars, this project will reduce emissions by 252 tCO2e annually and lower air and noise pollution. EkoRent aims to create over 700 jobs and offer taxi drivers higher income earning potential.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 357 294

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 200 000


Solar PV


Pilot project, Stand-alone

Project Start