Fondazione ACRA


The project was a pilot project for the realization of 3 anaerobic digester plants for biogas production in the municipality of Manhiça (Mozambique, Province of Maputo). The three plants were realised in three different areas of Manhiça: one nearby a slaughterhouse, one at a public market and one by a primary school (with a canteen). Each biodigester plant has an energy potential in the range of 443- 448 MJ/day, with a potential biogas production of 22 m3/day. The gas produced will be sold to micro and small economic activities, mainly those who have a small restaurant business (14), and to households (20) for individual consumption. The biogas produced by the plant at the school will be used for the school canteen.


Outcome and Impact

The three biogas plants were successfully implemented in Manhiça and the necessary conditions for their sustainable management by the Manhiça Municipality have been put in place. As the biogas production will start in January 2018, the targeted beneficiaries (14 small restaurants and 20 households) will start improving their productivity and their incomes in the first quarter of 2018. The targeted community has been informed and sensitized about the project and it got a positive reception from its members: households, associations, local authorities, private operators and companies, market sellers.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 227 480

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 156 300





Project Period

2016 - 2017