FUNAE- Fundo de Energia

Increased Access to Energy Services Powered By Coconut Oil

The project installed and put together a commercially sustainable value-added agricultural enterprise managed by the community. By producing coconut biofuel, the project aimed to power a biofuel-powered multi-functional platform (MFP). Via this demonstration project, FUNAE aimed to demonstrate to national policy makers and international donors that it is a commercially viable activity that can be replicated throughout the country where biofuel potential exists. The MFP project centers around a production building with an agricultural storage compartment and an energy shop selling and charging small renewable energy products.


Outcome and Impact:

This project resulted in an annual reduction of 284 tCO2eq. Additionally, 20 urban households gained improved access to off-grid energy. The management committee identified locally and trained on gender equity and business management. Because of the project, local people now knows about the uses of bio oils as fuel as well as about the importance to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels due to environmental and health problems. The community will have another source of potable water because of the new water pumping system to be installed in the project site.

Project Developer



Total Project Budget

EUR 157 394

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 104 345


Biofuels Liquid



Project Period

2015 - 2017