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iLive Biodiesel

This demonstration project aimed to raise the standard of biodiesel production in South Africa and increase trust of buyers; thereby stimulating the development of a biodiesel market. Though biodiesel production is done on a commercial scale in Europe and the USA, limited experience is available within South Africa. South Africa has sufficient Used Cooking Oil (UCO) feedstock available to produce a biodiesel for the local market. 


Outcome and Impact:

Installed capacity of the plant saves an equivalent of 2,120 tCO2eq per year. 62 households were reached during the project period. 5 permanent jobs created, 2 for women. The installed electricity generation capacity of the plant is 0,46 MWe or 1.3 MWthermal based on a production capacity of 1.2 Million litres per year.


South Africa

Total Project Budget

EUR 389 329

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 274 024




Pilot project

Project Period

2015 - 2017