Mpfuneko Community Support

Pilot Project on Management of Biogas Digesters

The project was a pilot fo the Ready-to-Cook Biogas (RtCB) concept, which aimed at selling biogas rather than biogas digesters. MpfunekoCS has introduced biogas technology in villages near Giyani, which showed that there is good support from local communities for biogas. However, a more efficient way of introducing biogas in communities was desirable to facilitate replication. InvestorsĀ  indicated that they were interested in supporting the Ready-To-Cook Biogas (RtCB) concept once it has been proven in practice. This pilot project seized the opportunity to do both at the same time: prove the concept in practice and experiment with ways to efficiently introduce RtCB in communities.


Outcome and Impact:

Completed the construction of 49 biogas digesters in the villages of Mninginisi and Shawela in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Emission reductions of 10 tCO2eq/year achieved. As a result of this project 5 households gained access to the bio-digesters, with another 3 digesters to be distributed. About 20 temporary jobs were created and 425 MWh renewable energy generated.

Project Developer

Mpfuneko Community Support NPC


South Africa

Total Project Budget

EUR 269 957

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 236 602





Project Period

2013 - 2017