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Rukova: Greenhouse Aquaculture

This project will pilot an innovative approach to fish farming that uses clean energy for greenhouse aquaculture. Rukova will use Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), which reduce the use of water and land, to transition towards a more sustainable and efficient fish protein value chain. The 100 kWp solar PV greenhouses will catalyse aquaculture and energy production at the same site. Local women will be trained in solar maintenance and low-input horticulture, and produce from the project will be sold on the local market. The project also aims to provide refrigeration service to local fish sellers. EEP Africa financing will support the infrastructure investments needed to catalyse private investment.


Outcome and Impact

The project will support a circular economy by reducing land and water use while improving food security and nutrition. It will increase revenue for local fish sellers and horticulturalists and provide income opportunities for women and youth. The solar mini-grid is expected to generate 0,1 MW of clean energy and prevent 110 tCO2e emissions.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 715 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 490 000


Solar PV


Pilot, Mini-grid Stand-alone

Project Start