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Solarwood: Hybrid Energy for a Regional Hospital

This project will secure thermal and electric energy for a hospital in Eswatini through a hybrid solar and biomass technology. Solarwood is a containerized plug and play system that provides 0.4 MW (Tier 5) energy. The system will be installed at the 225-bed Good Shepherd Hospital in Siteki, ensuring affordable and uninterrupted access to electricity and enabling the hospital to better serve its community. The system’s biomass plant will utilise wood residue from local, sustainable timber plantations and Sikel bush, an invasive species, supplied by a local conservancy. EEP Africa financing will demonstrate this innovative technology and business model, thereby lowering the risk and helping attract commercial investors.


Outcome and Impact

The project will support 2,117 MWh of clean energy per year and reduce or avoid over 1,250 tonnes of CO2e emissions. The project has high potential for scale-up at other hospitals by demonstrating an innovative containerized hybrid solar/biomass solution that provides reliable and affordable energy.


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Total Project Budget

EUR 950 000

EEP Africa Financing

EUR 500 000


Hybrid (solar, biomass)


Demonstration Project | Mini-grid connected

Project Start

2020 -