BioDiesel  Botswana (Pty) Ltd was granted for EEP funding under the Fourth Call for Proposal for their ‘Industrial Energy Efficiency improvement demonstration project for an Existing Biodiesel production process from Waste Vegetable Oil’ in Lobatse, Botswana.

The project was to demonstrate improved energy efficiency in biodiesel production in Botswana. The company collects used cooking oil and turns it into biodiesel with a new, more efficient technology transferred from Ukraine. They collect the raw material from households and restaurants around Gaborone and Lobatse and produce the diesel locally, maintaining the carbon footprint low during the process. The main objectives of the project are to diversify and expand feedstock, improve process efficiency, increase process production capacity, reduce raw material losses and implementing a marketing strategy. The EEP funded project was successfully completed in July 2014.

Read BioDiesel Botswana’s brochure about the product: Biodiesel EEP brochure

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