Elicio stakeholder meeting. Photo: Elicio

EEP project developer signs PPA for 90MW windfarm in Kenya

EEP supported Project Developer Elicio has successfully initialized a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited on 21st September 2016. Agreement is for 20 years and will enable Elicio to go forward with the development of a 90 MW Mpeketoni windfarm in Kenya.

Elicio received an EEP grant to deliver a complete feasibility assessment of the Windproject Mpeketoni in April 2015. The funding from EEP enabled Elicio to conduct wind measurements and environmental impact assessment, complete the electrical design and obtain necessary permits for the project. After successful stakeholder meeting with the local farmers and local government approval, the project achieved the significant milestone of signing the PPA.

Elicio expects the constructions to start by August of 2017, and to employ 100 local employees during the construction phase. The windfarm is expected to be operational by 2019 and will become one of the largest Windfarms in Kenya.

The signed PPA for a wind project demonstrates that Kenya is committed to increasing the share of renewable energy, and Elicio looks forward for the Mpeketoni windfarm being an encouraging example for further wind developments in Kenya.

3D modelling of the site. Photo: Elicio

Hard working Elicio team. Photo: Elicio