EEP Africa Programme Results – Highlights 2017

EEP Africa has achieved excellent results and enabled access to clean energy for 900,000+ households in Southern and East Africa

EEP Africa Highlights 2017 report presents results-based evidence from EEP projects and clearly shows EEP’s contribution to the Programme Impact of “greater access to sustainable energy services achieved through fast-tracking renewable energy projects supported by technological learning, donor coordination and private sector investment.” EEP achieved all six Outcome indicator targets and 17 out of 22 end of programme (EOP) Output indicator targets.

Overall, EEP enabled access to clean energy for close to 5 million people in Southern and East Africa which represents 1.8% of the regional population of 278 million. EEP projects created 8,025 jobs of which 2,599 for youth under 35 and 2,954 for women. Potential cumulative CO2 emission reductions from EEP projects amount to 1,276,081 tCO2 over the lifetime of the installed technology.

The Highlights 2017 report brings a brief overview on all the key results and achievements of EEP Africa by the end of 2017 through a total of 167 monitored projects. The report presents the top players among the projects contributing to job creation and reduced CO2 emissions, and provides selected results by project sector and country of implementation.

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