EEP Africa Response to COVID-19

Investment Support

EEP Africa improves the investment readiness of projects through targeted business support services and by facilitating linkages with the investor community. EEP Africa organizes semi-annual Investor Forums, an invitation-only matchmaking event offering investors access to a pipeline of investable clean energy projects.

Investor Forum

The EEP Africa Investor Forum brings global and regional investors together with clean energy businesses operating in Southern and East Africa. These events offer select investors access to a pre-screened pipeline of projects and provide developers with a unique opportunity to secure follow-on financing for successful projects and innovative business models. EEP Africa supports developers through customized coaching sessions and one-on-one meetings with representatives of venture capital, impact finance, private equity and development finance institutions.

Most Recent IF
EEP Investor Forum 2019

EEP Africa, Shell Foundation and Factor[e] Ventures co-hosted an East Africa Investor Forum in Nairobi in September 2019. More than 50 global and regional investors, DFIs and funds met with a curated group of over 20 leading innovation and impact-oriented companies.

Investor Forum 2018 Cape Town

EEP Africa kick-started African Utility Week with an Inestor Forum in Cape Town in May 2018. Farai Kanonda from the African Development Bank (AfDB) delivered a keynote address, after which more than 40 investors and companies participated in project pitches, matchmaking and deal flow identification.

Business Development Support

EEP Africa’s business development support enhances access to finance and increases project pipeline development by providing targeted, demand driven services to project developers, with a focus on building capacity, credibility and investment readiness. Support services include market studies and events, funding strategies, investment facilitation, coaching and marketing materials.

Awarded annually to a Project Developer that has demonstrated a significant achievement during the year. The winner is selected at an EEP Africa Knowledge Exchange Forum and is offered a speaking slot at the next African Utility Week.

EEP Africa works with select Project Developers to create high-quality promotional materials that visualize their achievements and better tell their company’s story. Infographics and project videos increase visibility and help attract potential investors.

Market Analysis
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