KEN7051: Creating Renewable Energy from Sanitation Services in Urban Slums

Project code: KEN7051

Sector: Biofuels

Organization: Sanergy Limited

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SA10003 iLive Biodiesel

Project code: SA10003

Sector: Biofuels

Organization: iLive Sustainable Development Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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MOZ7016: Increase Access to Energy Services through Installation of Multifunctional Platform powered by Coconut oil as Biofuel


FUNAE- Fundo de Energia

Project Office: 256 Rua da Imprensa, 6th floor, doors 607-618

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Industrial Energy Efficiency improvement demonstration project for an Existing Biodiesel production process from Waste Vegetable Oil (BTS4003)

Pre-Feasibility: Ethanol production from sweet sorghum to support the comprehensive rural development program in South Africa (SA334)

Piet Retief St, Piet Retief St Stellenbosch Stellenbosch