Industrial Energy Efficiency improvement demonstration project for an Existing Biodiesel production process from Waste Vegetable Oil

The Project aims to improve the economics of the production of biodiesel in Botswana from waste vegetable oil and tallow, and raise awareness on the benefits of biodiesel. This demonstration project will reduce the production costs, increase profit margin, enhance industry sustainability and provide lessons to the local industry.

Project Code: BTS4003

Project Type: Demonstration
Sector: Biofuels

Location of Implementation:  Botswana; South East Ramotswa
Duration [Months]: 12

Organization (project developer) : BioDiesel  Botswana (Pty) Ltd
Type of Organization:  Private Business

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant:  Botswana
Nationality of Lead Applicant: Botswana

Stage of project: Completed