1 MW Solar Power Village Concept

Project will develop a business model, design and implement a replicable 1 MW off grid/on grid PV solar power station. After the first pilot plant implementation the plan is to rapidly replicate the model in other similar disadvantageous villages in the country and beyond. The project will be implemented applying an innovative partnership model together with local community, a local solar power market player, an international ICT/solar business developer and local clean energy project developer and facilitator. The model builds further on a shared ownership of the plant between the local beneficiary and the project developers.

Project Code: BTS9001

Project Type:  Pilot
Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation:  Tobela village, Botswana
Duration [Months]: 15

Organization (project developer) : Kgalagadi Resources Development Company (PTY) LTD
Type of Organization: Private company
Project office: 5678 Kubu Road, Broadhurst Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant: Botswana
Nationality of Lead Applicant: Botswana

Stage of project: Ongoing