1.1 MW Run of River Hydropower Plant with Grid Extension in Southern Gitega Province of Burundi

Songa Energy Burundi has completed feasibility and ESIA studies for two small run-of-river hydroelectric plants in rural parts of Burundi, working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, the Electricity Regulator, the national utility (REGIDESO), local and provincial administration, and local communities. The aim of this project is to construct a 1.1 MW plant on the Ruvyironza River in the center of an unelectrified part of Gitega Province in south-central Burundi, extending the grid through several communes with no current grid access.

Project code: BUR13031

Project Type: Scale-up to commercial operation

Sector: Hydropower

Location of Implementation: Ruvyironza River, Ryansoro Commune, Gitega Province, Burundi

Duration (months): 15

Organization: Songa Energy Burundi

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project Office: #6 Ave 28 Novembre, Bujumbura, Burundi

Country of lead applicant: Burundi

Website: www.songaenergy.com

Status: Closed