Improved cookstoves (ICS) manufacturing and affordable dissemination in Burundi

Overall project objective is the local manufacturing and mass-retailing of improved cookstoves (ICS) in Burundi. These biomass-fuelled ICS, essentially made of ceramic liners and metallic bodies, allow quicker heating-up, longer cooking and heat retaining with less fuel and lower combustion fumes than prevailing traditional cookstoves.
It is innovative for the country since cookstoves manufacturing has never occurred outside of the artisanal, often informal sector, while the project plans to establish a 6,000 ICS/month industrial production capacity. A large-scale local stoves production will ensure the long term viability, the growth and development of the business. Revenues will allow funding of capacity expansion and R&D effort to offer new collection products with innovation designed at a local scale. The business oriented approach will support a mass market strategy which means in turn a stronger benefit impact for households and community, while sustaining training and employment  positions in ICS making and marketing skills.

Project Code: BUR8073

Project Type: Scale-up
Sector: Cook Stoves

Location of Implementation:  Quartier Industriel, avenue Nyabissindu, B.P. 56 12, Bujumbura, Burundi
Duration [Months]: 18

Organization (project developer) : Ecosur Afrique
Type of Organization: Private Company

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant: Mauritius


Stage of project: Ongoing