Rural Marketing and Distribution of Clean Cooking Technology through a Partnership for a Cleaner Kenya

Envirofit Kenya works with Kaluworks Limited to spread technology adoption and to reduce rural cookstove distribution barriers. The partnership will employ quality controlled manufacturing and regional distribution branches in five regions to build local marketing campaigns promoting cookstoves under a trusted Kenyan kitchen brand.

To reach the most remote rural areas, Envirofit expands upon the successful pilot of women’s empowerment program to train and equip 600 female entrepreneurs in each region to make door to door sales.

Project code: KEN11012

Project type: Scale Up

Sector: Cook stoves

Location of Implementation: Kenya

Duration (months): 15

Organization: Envirofit International Inc

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project implementation address: Godown Number 12, Sunflag Industrial Park, Mombasa Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Country of lead applicant: USA


Status: ongoing