Leleshwa Eco-mass

Laikipia Nature Conservancy (LNC) is executing a scale up operation for the sustainable use of Tarconanthus Camphoratus (Leleshwa) for biomass energy and eco-charcoal production with other bi-products derived from the leaves and essential oils. The project is looking to produce the first branded eco-charcoal to achieve Kenya Bureau of Standards Certification. The project will produce 2040 tons of charcoal and 10,200 tons of biomass per annum directly affecting an initial 5120 households.

The project will expand its biomass energy business through the production of eco charcoal, briquettes, biomass for industry and leleshwa oil/hydrolate. With a huge renewable resource asset it is in a unique position to become a regional and national supplier having proved the sustainability and opportunity of its business model through a pilot project.

Project code: KEN11084

Project type: Scale-up

Sector: Solid biomass

Location of Implementation: Kenya

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Laikipia Nature Conservancy Ltd

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project implementation address: Nairobi – 00619, Kenya

Country of lead applicant: Kenya

Website: –

Status: ongoing