Harnessing renewable energy in schools and prisions for improved livelihood

The aim of this project is to reduce deforestation and increase river water levels in water catchment areas surrounding Kiambu and Thika Districts. This will be achieved through reduction of use of firewood and charcoal in schools, prisons and households.

Project Code: KEN4028

Project Type: Pilot
Sector: Biogas
Location of Implementation:  Kenya; THIKA & KIAMBU
Duration [Months]: 12
Organization (project developer) : Sustainable agriculture community development programme –Sacdep Kenya
Type of Organization:  CSO
Project office:  Upperhill Road, Thika, Kenya. P.O. box 1134, 01000 THIKA.
Country of Origin of Lead Applicant:  Kenya
Nationality of Lead Applicant: Kenya

Website: http://www.sacdepkenya.org/

Stage of project: Completed

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