River Kapkateny Community Hydro-Power Project

A.M. Ventures Limited is undertaking the development of a 1.5 MW small hydropower project along River Kapkateny on Mt. Elgon. The project will generate electricity utilizing the natural hydropower resource of the river, and sell power via a long-term Power Purchase Agreement with Kenya Power, the largest utility company in Kenya.

Project Code: KEN5018

Project Type: Feasibility Study
Sector: Hydro Power

Location of Implementation: Kenya, Chebin
Duration [Months]: 15
Organization (project developer) : A.M. Ventures, Ltd.
Type of Organization: Private Business
Project office: P.O. Box 67006, Nairobi, Kenya
Country of Origin of Lead Applicant: Kenya
Nationality of Lead Applicant:
Project website: http://www.amventures.co.ke/

Stage of project: Completed

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