Powerhive: Technology and business platform for rural electrification via pay-as-you-go solar microgrids in Kenya

This project aims to prove the scalability of our model, enabling Powerhive to reach commercial viability.  We will deploy 15 extended solar micro-grids to serve ~1,000 households across Western Kenya.

Project Code: KEN5033

Project Type: Scale-up
Sector: Solar PV
Location of Implementation:  Magenche, Nyamondo, Kanyimbo, Bonentia, Bokinamia, Bogetororo, Bonentia, Jerusalem, and various other villages in the Kisii district
Duration [Months]: 12
Organization (project developer) : Powerhive Inc.
Type of Organization:  Private Business
Project office:
Country of Origin of Lead Applicant: USA
Nationality of Lead Applicant:

Stage of project: Closed

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