Windproject Mpeketoni

Project will deliver a complete feasibility assessment of the Windproject Mpeketoni. Elicio has already completed a preliminary feasibility desktop study and determined a suitable site in Mpeketoni.

To prospect the site in detail and achieve a basic understanding of the wind resources, further studies, engineering activities and surveys will be carried out. Subject to the outcome of these environmental and technical feasibility studies, Elicio envisages to construct approximately 36 turbines. Elicio plans to develop, built and operate a utility scale wind energy project, and to reach a total capacity of 90 MW.

Project code: KEN9065

Project type: Feasibility

Sector: Wind power

Location of Implementation: Kenya

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Elicio

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project implementation address: Mpeketoni, Kenya

Country of lead applicant: Belgium


Status: ongoing