Green Charcoal from an Invasive Weed in Kenya

Project produces ‘green’ charcoal from the invasive tree Prosopis juliflora, which is classified by the Government of Kenya as a noxious weed (ie. invasive species). It causes environmental damage, hurts dryland economies, threatens the health of livestock and deepens poverty.

Tinder Ltd, a social enterprise established by Startle, has developed high-efficiency mobile carbonisers and a community-friendly harvesting model, allowing Prosopis wood to be carbonised ‘in situ’. The units produce three times more charcoal from the same amount of wood compared to traditional methods. The charcoal is packaged cleanly, transported and sold in towns like Nairobi.

Project code: KEN9118

Project type: Pilot

Sector: Solid biomass

Location of Implementation: Kenya

Duration (months): 24

Organization: Startle Limited

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project implementation address: Rhino Park Road, Karen 0052, Nairobi, Kenya

Country of lead applicant: Mauritius


Status: ongoing