Demonstrating the Commercial Viability of Clean Energy Rural Mini-grids in Mozambique

The projects objective is to demonstrate the commercial viability of a clean energy mini-grid. It wants to break through the diesel dependence by making the biomass crop residue supplied by cotton farmers a viable electricity generation alternative.

The project will implement a hybrid solar/biomass mini-grid for 900 households in Titimane village on a commercial perspective. The mini-grid will develop and improve the livelihood of the customers in Titimane. It is expected that once the mini-grid is in place there will be a significant growth in population and consumption per capita as more electric appliances start being used.

The project will also target to attract investors for replication and encourage new regulatory framework and tariffs in Mozambique. The aim is to have a positive impact on the legal framework to enable sustainable energy access to remote areas, open new markets for decentralized clean energy technology applications, and facilitate the development of innovative financial investment opportunities.

Project code: MOZ10044

Project Type: Demonstration and Scale-up

Sector: Biomass and Solar PV (hybrid)

Location of Implementation: Titimane, Cuamba district, Niassa region

Duration (months): 24

Organization: Sociedade Algodoeira do Niassa JFS, SA (SAN-JFS)

Type of Organization: Private business 

Project Office: Titimane, Cuamba district, Niassa region

Country of lead applicant: Mozambique


Status: Closed