Introduction and sale of solar home systems in Mozambique through Pay–As-You-Go technology

SolarWorks! has the intention to set-up a project for the distribution and sale of solar home systems in Mozambique. The project will market solar home systems to low- and middle-income households that currently lack access to a reliable source of electricity for lighting, mobile-phone charging and other purposes. The project will make use of the proven concept of pay-as-you-go technology, whereby households pay-off the systems over a 24-month period. The project is targeting an estimated 2,842 households in the 15-month period, which is equivalent to a generation capacity of 0.58MW. The overall objective of the project is to contribute to poverty alleviation by the provision of cost effective and appropriate energy solutions to low-income households, particularly in rural areas where energy services are currently scarce or none existing. Furthermore, it will ensure the reduction of environmental unfriendly technologies currently used.


Project code: MOZ13001

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Maputo, Mozambique

Duration (months): 15 

Organization: SolarWorks! B.V.

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project Office: Avenida Uniao Africana n759, Bairo Langamo Matola, Maputo

Country of lead applicant: Netherlands


Status: Completed