Increase Access to Energy Services through Installation of Multifunctional Platform powered by Coconut oil as Biofuel

The project installs and puts together a commercially sustainable value-added agricultural enterprise managed by the community. By producing coconut biofuel the project aims to power a biofuel-powered multifunctional platform (MFP). Via this demonstration project FUNAE aims to demonstrate to national policy makers and international donors that it is a commercially viable activity that can be replicated throughout the country where biofuel potential exists.

The provision of affordable services for food transformation such as grinding mills, de-husker, refrigeration, charging batteries, lamps and generation of income will contribute to alleviate poverty in these communities. The MFP consists of an engine as energy source mounted on a chassis which powers a variety of equipment. The engine will run on biofuel, produced from coconut oil which is clean, relatively cheap and easy to produce locally. There is an area of 16 ha of coconut palm trees available.

The MFP project centers around a production building with an agricultural storage compartment and an energy shop selling and charging small renewable energy products.

Project code: MOZ7016

Project type: Demonstration

Sector: Biofuels

Location of Implementation: Marrucua village, in Inhambane Province, Mozambique

Duration (Months): 20 months

Organization: FUNAE- Fundo de Energia

Type of Organization: Government Agency

Project Office: 256 Rua da Imprensa, 6th floor, doors 607-618

Country of lead applicant: Mozambique


Status: ongoing