Energy Cyclone Tower

The project propose to develop a completely renewable energy generation method called Energy Cyclone Towers (ECT) in combination with the development of Energy Villages based on farming for both dedicated energy biomass (BTE) and low cost food. The ECT will act as an energy kick-starter for Energy Villages.

The innovation behind this technology is to recreate, control and contain a cyclone to harness its energy for human beneficiation. A naturally occurring cyclone occurs under specific conditions when the correct high and low pressure systems create cyclonic action. The accelerated air flow and low pressure creates the ideal conditions for condensation to take place. When condensation takes place latent heat energy is released and as long as there is enough humidity this process will sustain itself. The cyclone drives turbines set to produce electricity.

Project code: MOZ7033

Project type: Feasibility

Sector: Hybrid

Location of Implementation: Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

Duration (months): 6

Organization: EON Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project Office: PO BOX 12389, Vorna Valley, Gauteng

Country of lead applicant: Mozambique


Status: ongoing