Biogas-powered milk chilling for smallholder dairy farmers

The project will develop, design and market on-farm biogas milk chilling (BMC) systems. System will have a capacity of 20-40 litres, powered by biogas energy directly through sorption cooling. Doing so the project is offering affordable chilling equipment for smallholder dairy farmers and an off-grid chilling option by powering chilling systems with renewable energy. The project will among other things install 6 BMC prototypes in the field, deliver technical drawings for the BMC device ready for mass production and install a market introduction series of 50 BMC devices.

Type of project Pilot project

Project code: REG7107

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Biogas

Location of Implementation: Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia

Duration (months): 20

Organization: SNV Netherlands Development Organization

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Dr. Kuyperstraat 3 – 5, ‘s Gravenhage

Local partner: SNV-Tanzania Plot 1124, Chole road, Msasani Peninsular, Dar es Salam.

Country of lead applicant: The Netherlands


Status: ongoing