Bihongora Hydropower & Sustainable Aquaculture Hybrid Project

This innovative project will establish a new hybrid development scheme that will launch a Women’s Aquaculture Coop Project at the intake of the Bihongora micro-hydropower project of 5,350 kW.

The Bihongora project will do more than increase access to electricity. In addition, it introduces a new hybrid economic development model which involves local communities and resources to maximize impact. It will utilize its intake scheme to create a women’s aquaculture coop and supply power to the Rwandan national grid, a 50 kW mini grid, to provide electricity directly to local communities, bringing affordable electricity to the poorer local population and local businesses. This will be developed in coordination with several economic initiatives including investments in productive use equipment to stimulate growth in local jobs.

Project code: RWA11089

Project type: Demonstration

Sector: Hydro power

Location of Implementation: Bihongora River, Rubavu District, Rwanda

Duration (months): 15

Organization: Afritech Energy Ltd

Type of Organization: Private Company

Project Office: Afritech Energy Ltd, Suite 3,2nd Floor, Ubumwe House, Kigali, Rwanda

Country of lead applicant: Rwanda


Status: ongoing