Rubagabaga Mini-Hydro PPCP Project

The aim of this hydropower project is to establish a new Private-Public-Community Partnership (PPCP) business model for the development of the 300kW power run-of-river mini-hydropower plant on the Rubagabaga River in Ngororero and Nyabihu District, Rwanda.

The development of the Rubagabaga hydropower project will design and install a new hydro-electric system which will not only provide clean electricity to the national grid helping to offset its reliance on fossil fuels, but also establish a new local management model, a Public-Private-Community-Partnership (PPCP) approach, with the potential to radically transform the provision of electricity to households, schools, clinics and micro-businesses throughout Rwanda and the region.

Project code: RWA8007

Project Type: Demonstration

Sector: Hydro power

Location of Implementation: Rubagabaga River, Ngororero and Nyabihu District, Rwanda

Duration (months): 18

Organization: Practical Action East Africa

Type of Organization: CSO

Project Office: Practical Action – East Africa Regional Office, Methodist Ministries Centre, Office Block C (1st Floor), Oloitoktok Road, Off Gitanga Road, P.O.Box 39493– 00623, Nairobi, Kenya

Local partner: Remera Kigali

Country of lead applicant: Kenya


Status: ongoing