Tina Falls Hydropower Project (“TFH Project”)

The TFH Project is an 8.3MW run-of-river hydro power generation plant under development in the vicinity of the Tina Falls in the Eastern Cape. The TFH Project will be bid into the 6th round of the REIPPPP and will be an IPP grid tied system. The TFH Project will entail significant community ownership and participation. The EEP funding applied for will be used by the TFH Project for a bankable feasibility study which will develop the design and procurement and complete the EIA process, thereby developing the project to a level of bankability such that it can be marketed to debt and equity funders, including raising funding support for a local community investment vehicle to purchase a targeted 25% – 49% of the equity in the project vehicle.

Project code: SA10060

Project Type: Feasibility Study

Sector: Hydro power

Location of Implementation: South Africa

Duration (months): 14

Organization: Sidala Energy Solutions

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: 14 Carlow Road, Parkview

Project Location: Tina Falls, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Country of lead applicant: South Africa

Website: Sidala.com

Status: ongoing