The Emonti Green Hub

The project provides a viable alternative to the current practices of discharging raw sewage and industrial wastewater into the ocean by demonstrating a viable alternative to the unlicensed discharge of 10million litres per day of industrial wastewater, raw sewage and sewage sludge into the surfzone at Hoodpoint. South Africa currently discharges over 300 million litres per day of industrial wastewater and raw sewage into the ocean and so this project will pave the way to address the mitigation of these present practices of marine pollution. The technical feasibility study concluded that it is possible to divert the discharge of sewage

from the ocean, and further that this is economically viable when combined with the codigestion and processing of organic waste diverted from the overburdened regional landfill site at Roundhill. This approach resulted in the Emonti Green Hub concept, which is essentially a one stop shop to recover valuable energy, nutrients, water resources from wastewater, sewage sludge and the organic fraction of municipal solid waste including garden refuse. This is done using a novel combination of mature technologies that includes upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactors, continuously stirred tank reactors (CSTR}, high rate algal ponds, gasification and invessel composting, to produce biomethane, electricity, heat, biofertilizer and process water.

Project code: SA4027

Project Type: Feasibility

Sector: Proposal: Biogas

Location of Implementation: South Africa

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Element Consulting Engineer

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: East London, South Africa

Country of lead applicant: South Africa


Status: Completed