Utilising a Biomass-to-Energy solution through charcoal production as an instrument to stimulate economic development & wealth creation for Small Scale Growers in the Nkomazi district of Mpumalanga, RSA

The purpose of this project is to set up a pilot plant in order to verify the possibilities from the pre-feasibility studies conducted on the conversion of cane tops and trash into charcoal. The output from this pilot plant will form the basis for a commercial plant that will increase downstream value adding for Small scale growers in Nkomazi and create a source of renewable energy to be used in Southern Africa.

Project code: SA7067

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Waste-to-energy

Location of Implementation: Mpumalanga, South Africa

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Mpumalanga Cane Growers Association

Type of Organization: NPO

Project Office: P.O. Box 1379, Malelane

Country of lead applicant: South Africa

Website: –

Status: Closed