Hybrid Energy Solution for 100% Renewable Energy Penetration

This project proposes to install a hybrid energy system consisting of solar PV + Vanadium Redox Flow Battery at a site in South Africa currently with weak grid connection and back-up diesel generator.

The project will aim to demonstrate cost effective time shift of solar energy. Addition of VRFB Energy Storage System will enable storage of power generated by the PV until it is needed, thereby eliminating the demand mismatch between time that power is generated and time that power is needed, a major barrier that prevents further penetration of renewable energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, as in other parts of the world.

Elimination of this mismatch will reduce reliance on unreliable grid power and back-up diesel generator, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

A successful demonstration has the potential to assist in unlocking affordable, clean and reliable access to energy across the continent supporting sustainable social and economic growth.

Project code: SA8014

Project Type: Demonstration

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: South Africa

Duration (months): 24

Organization: REDT (Renewable Energy Dynamics Technology Ltd.)

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: Thaba Ya Batswana, Impala Road, Kibler Park, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2091

Country of lead applicant: South Africa

Website: http://www.redtenergy.com/

Status: ongoing