Arid Areas Biodigestion Demonstration Plant. South Africa

The project is to carry out a social, economic and technical Feasibility Study that will detail the cost, energy outputs and necessary construction required to recommission an existing organic waste Biodigester. Sewage and municipal organic waste are biodigested to methane gas; this is used to generate electricity; that is then used to break water down into hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis; additional recycled nutrient rich water becomes the growth medium for algae that is processed to produce oil that is turned into biodiesel; ethanol is produced through using the raw materials in new combinations. On a small-scale village level these become relatively simple chemical I agricultural processes, turning pollution into resources. Each stage of the process becomes an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Project code: SA9

Project Type: Feasibility

Sector: Proposal: Waste-to-Energy

Location of Implementation: South Africa

Duration (months): 6

Organization: Elemental Africa

Type of Organization: NPO

Project Office: Cape Town, South Africa

Country of lead applicant: South Africa


Status: Completed