Enhancing rural livelihoods through payment for ecosystem services: piloting a delivery model for a voluntary Gold Standard locally build biomass cook stove project

The project aims to reduce poverty and achieve greater access to sustainable energy for rural households in Southern Africa by piloting a scalable locally built biomass cook stove delivery model. Expected outputs include a delivery model for large scale roll-out and commercialization, a registered voluntary Gold Standard project and stoves installed in 5000 rural households.

This will result in cleaner, healthier, more sustainable and affordable energy for households saving R600 in cash for wood per household, cumulatively R600 x 5000 = R3 million annually (2,1 million euros over the 10 year GS project period). It will further lead to saving in wood collection time and protection of the ecosystem: 700 kg of wood will be saved per household, cumulatively 700kg x 5000 = 3500 tonnes annually (35000 tonnes over the 10 year GS project period). Additional spin-offs include local job creation, mitigating climate change and private sector investment.

Project code: SA9031

Project Type: Pilot

Sector: Cook stove

Location of Implementation: Greater Tzaneen municipality, Limpopo province, South Africa

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Nova Institute

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Garsfontein East, Pretoria South Africa

Country of lead applicant: South Africa

Website: www.nova.org.za

Status: Completed