Hydroelectric Energy in Lugarawa District,Tanzania

The project, through the construction of a 1.7 MW hydro power plant and laying of 45% of distribution lines, aims at sustainably exploiting the hydroelectric potential of the district to provide an affordable service to a wide and increasing number of inhabitants, while protecting the water sources, soils and forest of the Madope catchment basin. The purpose of the project is also to establish the Energy Users Entity (EUE) that will own and manage the plant and the distribution service. The rural electric grid will link 20 villages of Ludewa District for a total of 51,188 beneficiaries. Main customers will be the households (by 2018 4,000 households will be connected) and local businesses.

Project code: TAN10021

Project Type: Demonstration

Sector: Hydro power

Location of Implementation: Tanzania, Njombe Region, Ludewa District

Duration (months): 23

Organization: Fondazione ACRA-CCS

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Via Lazzaretto, 3, Milano, Italy

Local Partner: ACRA-CCS Office in Lugarawa, Ngongano Lodge, Ludewa District, Tanzania

Country of lead applicant: Italy

Website: www.acraccs.org

Status: ongoing