Modern Energy Technologies Demonstration Pilot Project for Increasing Access to Modern Energy Services in Institutions (Tanzania)

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the potential of renewable energy technologies in schools and health centres. The project is designed to pilot demonstration of three renewable energy technologies namely solar PV for electricity provision, improved institutional wood fuel stoves and biogas plants for cooking and lighting. The project will be implemented in five districts in Tanzania. The direct beneficiaries are students, staff serving the institutions, local artisans, entrepreneurs supplying energy equipment and the communities served by the institutions.

Project Code: TAN11

Project Type: Demonstration
Sector: Multi-Energy-Use Solution

Location of Implementation: Tanzania, Kilimanjaro, Tanga
Duration [Months]: 24

Organization (project developer): Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organization, TaTEDO
Type of Organization: NGO

Country of Origin of Lead Applicant: Tanzania
Nationality of Lead Applicant: Tanzania

Stage of project: Completed

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