Malolo Electrification Initiative

The projects is designed to electrify, over the grant time horizon, a total of 1 630 residential, small commercial, and community customers in the Malolo Village Cluster, which consists of 4 villages in Kilosa district that are in close proximity. The villages are not connected to the main grid. A hybrid (biomass, solar pv, diesel) power generation model will be used and the distribution network will be constructed to TANESCO standards.

The projects aims to improve capability and increase the capacity of its rural customers to employ value-added agricultural and other production activities by generally increasing modern energy access and economic security in rural communities. By delivering reliable and cost effective power the Company’s rural customers and communities will increase their incomes through improved productivity, product diversification, and access to new markets. Village quality of life improvements will follow as increased income levels that results from diversification will open up access to improved health, education, communications and other socio-economic opportunities.

Project code: TAN11072

Project Type: Demostration

Sector: Biomass & Solar PV (Hybrid)

Location of Implementation: Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, Tanzania

Duration (months): 18

Organization: Continental Energy Corporation

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: BWM-Special Economic Zone, Mabibo External, Mandela Road, Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania


Status: ongoing