Clean-Energy Mini-Grids in Rural Tanzania

The purpose of the project is to deliver an innovative business model for clean-energy mini-grids (CEMGs) for remote communities in Africa, thereby demonstrating commercial viability, ability to attract private investment, and developmental impact.

The Project financed by EEP will implement CEMGs in 11 villages (the “First Cluster”) in the Geita region of Tanzania with a view to demonstrate how the scale-up of such applications can offer commercially viable investment opportunities. The Project will construct mini-grids in the villages to generate, distribute and supply electricity, built to a standardised design to enable replication and fast roll out. Electricity is generated by a central 40-70kWp solar PV system.

The positive consequences of the project include increased food production, small businesses’ ability to generate income, improved education and health benefits. The Project will also have a welfare impact on the quality of life. The World Bank has valued this impact at $200/household pa.

Helios thereafter plan to develop a further 11 Clusters over the next five years (i.e. 12 Clusters in total, consisting of ~ 120 CEMGs).

Project code: TAN11008

Project Type: Mini-Grid, scale up

Sector: Solar PV

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 18, 5

Organization: Helios Foundation for Sustainable Development (HFSD)

Type of Organization: NGO

Project Office: Geita, Tanzania

Lead project applicant: 50 Broadway London, Great Britain

Country of lead applicant:


Status: Closed