Scaling up Geita Biomass Gasification project in 4 neighbouring villages in Geita District

The project will provide reliable and affordable electricity to 1500 households (equivalent to 7,500 people) and 80 trading centres and 10 institutions in Geita district, in rural Tanzania. These will be served through 10 biomass mini-power plants (32kW each) generating power distributed through micro-grids. The plants will be operated and managed by local entrepreneurs in these villages.

The project will promote local economic development by helping entrepreneurs to use the power for productive uses, hence improving project economics, demand profile, social justification, and economic impact. In addition, 30 full time jobs will be created, while 30 part time jobs will be created for women who will be trained to make briquette from the waste product – bio-char- of the gasification process.

Project code: TAN11071

Project Type: Scale up

Sector: Solid biomass               

Location of Implementation: Tanzania

Duration (months): 12

Organization: Husk Power Systems

Type of Organization: Private company

Project Office: Nyakagomba village, Geita district, Geita, Tanzania

Lead project applicant: Flat A7, DharsiRustom Apartment, UN road, Upanga Dar es salaam

Country of lead applicant: Tanzania


Status: ongoing